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Custom Hardwood Doors & Windows at Wholesale Prices!

Carved Door Designs

Creative builders and homeowners try to set their home apart from the cookie cutter homes we see today. Doors & windows are one of the easiest ways to set your home apart from others. We supply a wide range of doors and window styles made from tropical hardwoods that add value and beauty. You can add character and style at an incredible price by allowing us to build and supply your doors and windows at wholesale pricing.

Carved Door

Our Artisan and Hand-Carved doors reflect the beauty of tropical forests and oceans. Others use images from Hawaiian mythology. Unlike other doors, these doors carry the unmistakable echo of the tropics.

The artisans who carve these doors take great care to see that each door is made to our exact specs. As you can see, they are uniquely beautiful and of unparalleled quality.


Our line of doors and windows includes the following:

  • Teak, Meranti & Merbau hardwoods
  • Finger jointed or solid panel construction
  • Wood panel doors
  • Entry doors with matching sidelights
  • Carved doors, carved 1 or 2 sides.. on the surface or through the door
  • Glass doors, with regular or tempered glass
  • French doors
  • Louver doors
  • Carved doorways & wall panels
  • Double entry doors
  • Sliding, fixed & casement windows
  • Combination windows of carved wood, fixed glass and louvers below

Entry doors have a special purpose in setting the style for the rest of the home. We offer a wide selection of sturdy, elegant doors to enhance the entrance to your home. These entry doors complement a variety of architectural styles and will welcome visitors and family with an feeling and an image they wont easily forget. We also supply custom door jambs, oversized doors, arched doors, applied moldings & specialized glass. All components are constructed from matching hardwoods to insure superior performance.


Our doors are always machine cut, with carefully prepared joints. Nails and screws are never used. All our products are built using mortise and tenon joints, and dowelled for strength. We can apply stain and teak oil, or ship unfinished if you prefer. We can notch for hinges, make the holes for locksets, and also supply custom sizes of jambs, trim and thresholds, saving you enormous costs and time on the jobsite.


Merbau Wood

Asia offers many wonderful hardwoods for use in our projects.  Our favorite is Merbau. The deep shades of the exotic Merbau add a warm glow to you home. Its hardness makes it an especially durable material.  It is also harder then walnut or maple. Merbau is also highly resistant to insects due to high mineral, oil & silica contents. Unmatched in strength, beauty, and durability, Merbau wood is a unique material which brings  the magic of wood to your home.

Our doors are carved by teams of carvers in 2 different villages, one in Bali and 1 in Java. These artists carry on a tradition that’s been passed on for generations.  They can take any drawing or photograph and copy it exactly, or interpret it in their own style if that is what we ask for.  The fine detail of their carving brings our designs to life.  Working with a set of 30 wood chisels, their hands feel the design in the wood. To watch them carve is like watching a flower unfold in the garden.

We can cut and prepare all the pieces to assemble complex wood doorways.  They can be shipped knockdown and easily assembled on site.  All we need is the size of the opening and some idea of what you want and we can prepare a custom design for you, free of charge.

Because our suppliers mill the wood and do everything up to the final sanding, (except the carving), we can offer incredibly low pricing that will surely surprise you.  You can expect to pay $3,000 - $6,000 to buy other doors that aren’t as well made or nicely carved as ours are.

Our doors are packed in wood crates, shipped UPS and are insured.  We will crate, ship and insure your door so it reaches you in perfect condition.  Please call us or send us your door and window schedule for a quote. If you have any questions, please email or call us. We look forward to our next custom project.

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